We have all heard the ghost stories.  You are all alone in your house and suddenly you hear your name called.  It is the voice of someone who has passed away.  There are many such ghost stories and strange occurrences.  They have been the inspiration for TV movies and books.  But�just what is the truth?  These experiences are not easily explained because of the emotions that come into play.  Yes, there are many stories floating around, but many ghostly experiences can be explained with paranormal answers.

Ghosts have been perceived in many ways: cute, helpful, trapped in the nether world (a home for the restless or lost souls), passive, harmless, mischievous, evil, spirit guides, poltergeists, discarnate, ankous (Boogie Man), etc.

Ghosts are just a field of energy seen sometimes as a human figure or a mass of energy.  If you see one, talk to them like you would a human person (it�s a little like talking to someone on the telephone whom you have not met).  Introduce yourself, ask them their name, and their purpose of coming into contact with you.  You must keep your emotions stilled, your fears quenched.  You may not hear a physical voice, but will have a strong impression of the purpose of the situation.

So why do we see or run into them?  There may be a number of reasons:  1) the ghost (energy field) does not know that it is time for them to go to the light because of a lack of knowledge, or 2) wanting to watch over a place (where they lived or died, particularly a sudden death).

There is much evidence that exists to back the possibility of minds or personalities living after physical death.  Ghosts can be found all across the United States of America, in Europe, in Asia, etc., and in just about any style of home � both old and modern.

There are houses and buildings with doors opening, footsteps, furniture being rearranged, and objects moved.  Sometimes a voice or laughter is heard, or fragrances smelled.  If the truth be told, with all of the scientific investigation, their non-existence has never been proven. 

People accept without question what scientists discover about matter.  No one has ever seen a tachyon, yet evidence points to their existence.  Likewise, evidence points to the existence of a spirit world.  It is not a world that haunts the physical, but embraces it with vitality.  We will never know until we begin to open the doors and explore these realms.

I hope you enjoy these true stories, which are just a small part of my experiences.  If you have a story you would like to share, please send it to us.  I have been referred to as �San Diego�s answer to Ghost Busters� by local television and print media, and on the internet.

If you would like me to analyze any puzzling or unfamiliar energies in your home/business, give me a call (619)298-3422.

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Psychic says Enterprise May be Haunted

By Jeff Hausman, Enterprise Staff
Taken from The Enterprise, February 16, 1989

People that vanish and things that go bump in The Enterprise building could be more than just products of employees� imagination, according to a San Diego psychic.

Past unexplained sights and sounds in the building at South Main and Elder streets recently led to an evening visit by psychic Alexandra Andrews, founder of the Alexandra Institute.  Her feelings from a mid-January tour of the 38-year-old structure may be unnerving to some.

Andrews, who has made similar visits to other reported haunts in the county, said she sensed the spirits of a man, woman and children in some sections of the building.

�I did not pick up that there was any harm coming from any of these spirits,� she said.  �But, in fact, there may have been some accident here.  Whoever these ghosts are, they�re more playful than anything.  I didn�t pick up anything evil.�

Charles Mackey, former general manager of The Enterprise, said the building was constructed in 1951 and expanded about 10 years ago to include additional offices and a second story.  To his knowledge, there was no accident in which people died there during the time his family owned the newspaper from 1955 to 1998.

Prior to the construction of the building, the downtown corner lot contained a gas station, according to Marjorie Yackey, president of the Fallbrook Historical Society.  The station operated as early as the 1920s.  A home stood on the hillside directly east of the building and railroad tracks were once yards away from the structure�s north side.  The railroad has since been uplifted and a parking lot now exists where the home was.

Prior to Andrews� visit, a former Enterprise employee said she had seen and heard what she believed to be ghosts on several occasions.

Her first experience happened more than two years ago.  The former employee, who requested that her name not be used, said she was working in one of the building�s two dark rooms when she saw a man standing in a doorway.  She described a short man with a mustache who appeared to be in his 40s. 

�I said, �what do you want?�, recalled the former employee.  �And then he disappeared.�

Her next ghostly experience happened in the same room about one year later.  This time, a young woman wearing a long, white dress appeared at the doorway.  The woman also vanished when confronted, said the former employee.

Andrews, who spent about 20 minutes in the same room where the apparitions reportedly appeared, said she saw a �shimmering white� form hovering above a production camera.  The �wispy� figure, she added, was not defined.

That room, according to the former employee, was also the location of another eerie incident.

The former production worker said she was not far from the room when she heard seven loud banging noises coming from the darkroom.  She said she then entered the room and saw that the red plastic light cover was gone from its previous position over a ceiling light fixture.

The two pins that kept the cover fastened to the ceiling were found laying in a �neat row� on a wooden table below, she said.  The plastic cover was discovered against a table leg � in a position that would have been impossible had the cover just dropped on its own, she said.

The former employee said she also saw a girl with strawberry blonde hair sitting at the general manager�s desk, once located near the building�s reception area.  The child, who appeared to be seven or eight years old, had her back to the employee and appeared to be playing with a desk-top computer.  When she passed by the desk seconds later, the former production worker said the chair was facing away from the desk and there was no sign of the girl.

Texanna Schaden, a former typesetter at the paper, said she also saw a girl at the same location about two years ago.  It was a Sunday afternoon and nobody else was in the building, she recalled.  She walked past the desk and, out of the corner of her eye, saw a girl sitting in the chair.  She later turned to say hello, but the girl was gone.

�I didn�t stay around too long after that,� joked Schaden.

The other former employee said she only saw the girl once, but has sensed her presence often.

�The child�s been all around,� she said.  �She�s tugged at my shirt, tugged at my pants and my hair.  She�s real mischievous.� 

Sally Larsen, a darkroom technician, said she has also seen unexplained images � usually when working alone at night.

�I have caught somebody walking by out of the corner of my eye,� she said.  �But I�d rather not see anything.�

Bridgette Spicer, a classified advertisement employee, said she has heard doors slam while alone in the building.  �It�s very scary here at night,� she said.

Donna Spicer, office manager for the classified advertising department, said office employees often strike up conversations about similar, unexplained experiences they�ve had.

�People will come up and say, �you too?�,� she said.

But others, who have spent a lot of time in the building, have no such spooky reports on the matter.  Former editor Bob White, a 25-year veteran of the weekly newspaper, is one. 

�Certainly, you would think I would have seen something in that time, but I didn�t,� he said.  �It may be just (employees) imaginations, but maybe it isn�t.�  He did add, however, that the back section of the building, which was used for production purposes until the Times-Advocate purchased the paper last year, is a �real spooky� place. 

Andrews said there are several theories to explain ghost sightings. 

The first theory includes a preoccupation with thoughts of ghosts, which can actually lead to seeing them, she said. 

�If you think you�re a victim, then you will become a victim,� she said.

The second theory is that the dead are trying to communicate something to the living. 

�There definitely is communication from the dead � part of energy of the soul or spirit that doesn�t know it�s supposed to go on to heaven or other place,� she said. 

The third theory includes the presence of underground water, which can explain the creaks and groans often attributed to ghosts.  She said water does not appear to be a factor at The Enterprise.

Andrews said she toured the building about 6 p.m., when two other people were working.  Although she did not sense anything evil, she did get an uncomfortable feeling from the display advertising room.  The room, which was used by the editorial staff until two months ago, was added during the lat 1970s and faces South Main Street.

�I felt like there was very cold, flat, hard energy (in the room) � not to the point where I was squeamish or anything, but I didn�t like the room,� she said.

Advertising manager Pat Campbell agreed that the room �feels kind of weird at night.�

Andrews also spent about 45 minutes in the editor�s office, which was recently constructed in an area once used for production.  Andrews said she felt a presence in the office and briefly smelled roses or perfume..

Her guess is that an accident involving a man and children occurred somewhere on that site.

�I feel that the woman died much later than (the man and children), but wanted to join them for whatever reason,� she said.

Andrews said Americans have an irrational fear of ghosts.  The fears, she added, may be fueled by Hollywood�s portrayal of the dead and many people�s need to have things scientifically explained.

�Other countries treat this with more respect � like there�s room for everyone on this universe,� she said.

A Slumber Party with Some Friendly Neighborhood Ghosts 

Taken from the Old San Diego Gazette, Oct. 15 to Nov. 15, 1993; vol. 5, #7
By Marie Pleasant 

It started as a normal day, washing my pj�s for the upcoming party, packing my necessities in a neat little bag, and preparing my contribution to the �treat� table so we could eat all night long�that is what a slumber party is�isn�t it?  I was going to be spending the night with my fellow board members at the historic Whaley House, in which I serve as Secretary.  Fellow board member Kay Hamilton provided some delicious refreshments and had also arranged for famous Old Town Psychic, Alexandra, to pay us a visit�later.

As everyone came, a delicious dinner was to be the first on our agenda and then off to find our �spots� we were to claim for our sleepy quarters.  Everyone was everywhere, spread around the house.  Some in the music room, some in the hall, some by the door for that quick exit???

It wasn�t long before June, the founder of this historical society, was sharing her personal experiences in this house over the years.  Next, George treated us to a great slide show that he has prepared reviewing past archaeological explorations he has participated in around the Whaley House.  It was only a matter of time before we got to the scary part, when George proceeded to share with us his actual slides taken of some real spirits in the house that he was able to capture on camera!

If we didn�t have enough, there was more in store!  Some, not all of us had the courage to meet in Mrs. Whaley�s music room to try their hand with the Ouija Board.  Alexandra arrived around 10:00 p.m.  A small music table was placed between two seated individuals that lightly rested both their hands on the table top per  Alexandra�s instructions, while the other were to �ask the spirits� questions.  I was very surprised to see the table respond by swaying back and forth for a �yes� answer and standing still for a �no.�

At first, I thought that my fellow board members and friends were playing with me�exerting some pressure on the table therefore causing it to move.  However, it became apparent to me and everyone else who witnessed this table that it responded more vigorously to certain individuals than others.  Lucky us�

Alexandra and President Milt had the most dramatic affect on the table.  As time went on the table�s responses became so highly energized that it simply lifted off the floor and same down the hallway�traveling from room to room while banging the floor!  I�m not kidding you!  It was the most astounding sight I�d ever seen and probably to everyone else too!  Milt carried the table into the courtroom area to give it more room to �dance.�  The results were that the table moved very loudly and dramatically around the room and out the double doors to the porch area coming to rest by the vent under the house.  Then it stopped for a moment, before continuing more slowly and less dramatically to the kitchen door were it again rested.  A pooped ghost???  It started again, and again.  The third time, the table was pounding the court room floor with such force that it actually broke the legs off one side!

I must admit, it was much more than I had ever expected for an evenings entertainment!  When I first entered the house, I was somewhat skeptical, even though the Whaley House is documented by the Department of Commerce as being one of the two authentically haunted houses in the State of California! 

After spending the night in the house, I won�t try and explain it but I will accept that there was definitely something there.  I swear that there were no strings, wires or mechanical contraptions of any kind making that table move and that is a fact!  A point of interest worth mentioning is that our infamous Yankee Jim was hanged on the spot where the house was built later in the same of 1852��Pleasant� dreams�

Psychic Visit Ocean Beach Part 1
Posted on June 9, 2010

After the sledgehammer sounds in my previous residence and so many poltergeist activities in my apartment in Ocean Beach, I decided I wanted to find out who the spirit was that was haunting me and what it wanted. I went through the phone book and found Alexandra, a parapsychologist who is also a psychic in San Diego. She founded the Alexandra Institute, which is an organization which studies paranormal phenomena, and owns Alexandra�s Bookstore about two miles from my apartment.

I made an appointment and Alexandra arrived on Friday evening, April 16, 1999. She asked to be left alone as she went through my apartment room by room, and when she was finished she would turn on the porch light. I went across the street and sat at a picnic table in full view of my apartment.

When I returned about an hour and a half later, did she have news for me! She was sitting very quietly on my couch, her arms kind of limp and spread out at her sides. There was the scent of incense. She spoke softly and told me that I wasn�t crazy suspecting that I had a ghost. She had actually felt the presence of TWO entities. She told me that they had followed me from another place that I had lived because the male entity had become enamored of me and thought I was a �jewel.� She said that is unusual as the deceased usually haunt a place and they do not get attached to any one person. The male entity was kind of a criminal, although he never looked at himself that way, but mostly petty stuff. He died between 37 and 39 years of age. He is named something like Razzo or Rizzo, died in the 50?s, not by his own hand, but she didn�t think he was killed, either. He is belligerent and arrogant. He could have any woman that he wanted, and he had a lot of them. He was a real womanizer. He wants me to write his story. I queried Alexandra on how I could come up with information about him. She said that maybe it would be about my experiences with him and there will be many more to come. He has some unfinished business here�possibly about the way he died. Alexandra asked me if I thought I could write a book, and I said yes.

The second entity was one of his girl friends. She had three children whom she left to be with him. She is a little meek, but loved him so much that she has followed him and therefore is with him at my place now. She is mostly in my downstairs, and he is mostly in my upstairs. Her name is something like Chemeille. She died around age 33. She is the one who plays most of the little tricks on me. She is perhaps a little bit jealous of me, but her boyfriend can control her.

Alexandra was disappointed that she couldn�t see them. She said that usually they will be about 6? from the ceiling. Every time I had tried to warn my spirit that Alexandra was coming over I would start to sob. I asked why I cried every time I tried to tell them she was coming over, and she said that she believed that they were afraid that things wouldn�t be the same again. She said that she managed to even them out, calm them down.

Psychic Visit Ocean Beach Part 2
Posted on June 10, 2010

In addition to what Alexandra, the psychic, had told me about the two spirits present in my apartment in Ocean Beach, she also said there is very, very strong energy coming from the armoire in my hallway. (This was the armoire that when I bought it, the elderly lady I gave my money to told me it was haunted by a prince!) Alexandra also said that two chairs around my dining room table were emanating strong energies. (I also bought them at an antique store.) She said that the vanity in my bathroom had very strong energy (I had been patted on the rear standing in front of it), and also my bathtub (a bottle of shampoo mysteriously made its way from the bottom of the tub to perching half on/half off the side of the tub). She asked the entities not to interfere with my angels.

She said that ghosts will gravitate to those most sensitive to them because they can interact with them and it makes their existence have some meaning. I asked if the male was going to interfere in any relationships I might have, and she said no. He is enamored of me, but he wants me to write a book. He also knows that he cannot have me because we are on different planes. He didn�t die in a fire, but he doesn�t like heat. She said that I should speak to them as if they were real people, which I usually do. Alexandra also said that the male had been trying to console me recently as he sat next to me on my couch.

I asked if they ever followed me to work or to the store, and Alexandra said no, they stay at my apartment. They were alerting me against people who were not good for me. They were trying to get my attention.

Alexandra made another visit to my apartment on Thursday evening, May 13, 1999, and she gave me the following information. My male entity has been with me for about 23 years. He said busy, busy, busy�that was evidently my lifestyle when he first came in contact with me. His current favorite place is on the middle couch cushion. I sit on the cushion right next to that. He said that I was crying and very angry, and he was trying to console me. The female was born in Wisconsin. Alexandra said the city begins with an M, but she didn�t get the entire word. The female thinks I am a �marvel.� The male is going to try to steer me towards some history which will help me with his background. Alexandra said she saw his shape on the coffee table, then near the chair in front of my computer across from my couch � first it was just a haze, then it took on the shape of a man about 6 feet tall with curly hair, fair skinned. She said that if I sit in the dark with my eyelids half closed and stare aimlessly at something, then kind of move my eyes around the room, I may be able to develop the ability to see him, too. She did not see the female.

She was not able to get more of their names that time. They were not very educated in life. They know that I am in control. The female did but didn�t commit suicide. Alexandra got two words � horse and car. So she didn�t know which way the female died, except that she was so heartbroken�and it looked like an accident. The female is perhaps a little disillusioned about the male after all this time, but she is afraid to go on without him as she doesn�t know what is on the other side. She said she would stop teasing me and would communicate better with me. Alexandra recommended I learn how to use a pendulum.

Psychic Visit Ocean Beach Part 3
Posted on June 11, 2010

These were my interpretations of the psychic Alexandra�s revelations during her two visits to my haunted apartment. When Alexandra told me that the male spirit has been with me for 23 years, I realized that was three years after my divorce. Since his girlfriend, the second spirit I was told was haunting me, was born in Wisconsin, was that where he was also from? I wished I had asked Alexandra how he found me.

I also began to think, good grief, Alexandra had told me that the male spirit had been a petty criminal. Was he a member of the mob? In life I would never have associated with him, and even began to feel kind of unsettled knowing he was around. However, a couple of weeks after Alexandra�s second visit, I heard a male voice say �gentleman.� Was this the spirit telling me that he really was a nice guy? After that I just accepted the two spirits as looking out for me.

The first paranormal experience that I remember was about 21 years prior to Alexandra�s visit, after I had moved to Scottsdale, Arizona from Ohio. I had a highly spiritual, pleasurable experience as I felt like something had entered my body and we had become one, like something highly energized merged with me. Did my spirits have anything to do with that? Also, the male spirit had said he didn�t like heat, and I lived in Scottsdale for about 17 years where it is very, very hot. Was he commenting on my living there prior to moving to San Diego?

Thinking about when the male said he had been trying to console me, at the time I had been very upset with the breakup of a recent relationship, so that made sense.

The last time Alexandra visited, the male told her that I am a �jewel.� Then the female said I am a �marvel.� I have my own spirit admiration society!

In the years since then, I have experienced paranormal things and heard words, although not nearly as many as when I lived there, so it appears that the two spirits continue to follow me�or perhaps they have gone on and been replaced by miscellaneous others who pop in and pop out at will.

Jump forward to now, 11 years later�I haven�t written a book as the male spirit requested as I don�t know where to get information because I don�t have names or dates of birth or death or what city they lived in, but now I have a computer and a way to get this information out to lots of people, probably more than would buy my book if I wrote one. Maybe posting my experiences with these two spirits will satisfy the commitment I made to write a book, or maybe it will jog someone�s memory who is reading this and they can help me find out more about these two spirits.

By Sandy Fuersich, Copyright 2010

Dear Friend,

It�s that time of year and I thought you might be interested in this article on Ghosts.  I have worked with many Ghosts in San Diego County: either to stay where they are , or to go to the light.

The word �Ghost,� is usually applied to the visible spirit of a person who has died and usually stays where they died.  No one has ever been harmed or killed by a ghost � Hollywood would have you believe otherwise so they can make money.

There are many different kinds of Ghosts: poltergeists, discarnates, ankous (Boogie Man), etc.  Many people have seen apparitions of a favorite pet after it has died.  This pet may walk through the home, leave warm spots on a bed or chair it usually slept on , etc.

This information appeared in both the San Diego Tribune and in the �National Directory of Haunted Places,� by Dennis William Hauck.  Unfortunately, the Fallbrook Enterprise is no longer in business.  Here is the story:

Fallbrook�s �Enterprise�: Favorite Haunt for Spirits?
By Dana Wilkie
San Diego Tribune Staff Writer 

Of all the earthly places for ghosts to roam, the little ghouls have ended up in a newsroom, or so employees of a Fallbrook newspaper believe.

At The Enterprise on South Main Avenue, employees said they�ve endured years of mysteriously misplaced objects, strange visitors, cold drafts, spooky sounds and rooms that just feel eerie.

Now, Alexandra Andrews, a San Diego woman who says she is psychic, is suggesting what some of the paper�s reporters, photographers and other staffers have suspected:  The gauzy realm of the unknown has infiltrated the world of cold facts.

Many who work for the weekly publication are taking the news in stride.

When last year�s Halloween season unearthed real-life spook stories by newspaper staffers, many realized they were telling the same tales.

�None of us was volunteering information,� said Donna Spicer, and office manager for the paper�s advertising section.  �We started talking to other employees and we�d say, �You mean, you saw that, too?�

A former Enterprise typesetter, for instance, said she was jarred two years ago when she encountered a strange girl who then vanished.

Texanna Schaden was alone at The Enterprise on Sunday when she passed the general manager�s desk, where she says a girl with long red hair and a full-length dress was sitting.  Returning within minutes to ask where the girl�s mother was, she found no girl.  And no mother.  Schaden was alone.

�I looked all over the building,� Schaden said.  �When you see something and you know you saw it and then you can�t find (it) � it makes you wonder.  I did feel a little chill.�

A few Sundays later, a friend asked Schaden if she knew the girl who was sitting at the general manager�s desk.  When the women investigated, again no one was there.

At first, there was nothing odd about the misplaced files and rearranged desk tops in the advertising division, Spicer said.  In fact, she said, every used to joke about the office �ghost.�

But when the �little mischievous things� started happening two and three times a day, Spicer said, �we would be (saying), �This is eerie.  This is weird.�

Before the newspaper office was remodeled, the room used by writers and editors could be creepy, said Enterprise reporter Jeff Hausman.

�Do you ever get any strange vibes when you�re alone in certain rooms?� asked Hausman, who so far has never seen anything out of the ordinary..  �I never thought of it as scary until I started writing about (it).�

Onto the scene came ghostbuster Alexandra Andrews.

Andrews dropped by in December, walked around a bit and determined �something� was there.

�I didn�t feel the people were out in left field,� Andrews said this week.  The woman who founded the non-profit Alexandra Institute in San Diego to study the world beyond, said, �They were very serious.�

On the night of Jan. 15, Andrews returned to The Enterprise to be alone in the building.

In one office, Andrews said, she felt a �presence� and detected the faint scent of roses.  Her work with the spirit world convinced her this was a female spook. 

In another room, she said she saw shimmering white lights comparable to those reported by Enterprise staffers.

And there were fleeting impressions, she said, that the building stood on ground once used as a sort of �highway� and that lives had been lost in the area.

Andrews said she thinks there may be as many as four ghosts floating around  Enterprise offices; they are likely that of a man, woman and two children.

�I didn�t feel anything malicious,� said Andrews.  �It was almost as if they were still here in order to bring some positive energy to the location.  I believe one of the reasons the ghosts are at The Enterprise is to show people there are other realms.�

Before The Enterprise acquired the land at the corner of Elder Street and South Main Avenue, a family of six named Duthie owned a service station there and lived in a housee behind it, members of the Fallbrook Historical Society said.

Only two Duthie children are still alive, said Electa Hartman, a Duthie family survivor.  Hartman�s father died more than 50 years ago in the house behind the service station. Also dead are his wife, a daughter and a son.  A fire in the 1950s burned the house to the ground; it was never rebuilt.

Andrews could not tie the family members to the ghostly doings, however.

�I�ve known (Andrews) to do this kind of work with a rather surprising degree of accuracy,� said an Enterprise photographer who enlisted Andrew�s help.  Dick O�Brien said the psychic sensed precisely where newspaper employees had reported ghostly encounters.

Despite legends of ghoulishness and today�s movies about ghosts and other such apparitions, Andrews said spirits are harmless creatures.

She suggested that Enterprise employees either get comfortable with their visitors, burn incense or white candles, or demand that they otherworldly go back where they belong.

She explained how that is done: �You very firmly command the energy source to go away.�

Not everyone is convinced there are ghosts, however.  Among the skeptics are Enterprise Publisher Don Taylor and Editor Don Lowry.

I�ve heard these stories for many years...weird noises, visual sightings,� say taylor, who�s been with the paper about 30 years.  �But I�ve never experienced anything like that.  So I have to wonder if it isn�t something self-induced.�

Although Lowry said he is openminded about the prospect, he�s not convinced about stories from people who said they saw ghosts while they were developing photographs.

The following article is taken from �The National Directory of Haunted Places,� by Dennis William Hauck.

The Fallbrook Enterprise

You�ve heard the expression �dead as yesterday�s newspaper� � but what about a newspaper office?

Staff members of The Enterprise in Fallbrook are convinced that their place of employment is haunted.

At first, no one wanted to talk about it.  Each employed was afraid the others would think she or he was crazy.  But the pressure was building and finally somebody had to say something.  �Suddenly,� Donna Spicer, office manager for the paper�s advertising department, recalls �everybody was saying, �You mean you saw that too?�

The �that� took a number of forms.

One Sunday Texanna Schaden was alone at The Enterprise when she encountered a little girl with long red hair and full-length dress sitting behind the general manager�s desk.  Shaden went on about her business for a few minutes and then returned to check on the child and ask where her mother was.  There was no child � no mother either � Schaden was alone.

A few Sundays later, another employee asked Schaden if she knew the girl who was sitting at the general manager�s desk.  When the two women investigated, once again no one was there.

�When you see something and you know yo usaw it and then it�s gone � well, it does give you a little chill,� Schaden admits.

At first Donna Spicer says the misplaced files and rearranged desk top in the advertising department could be explained away.  But then �little mischievous things� started happening two and three times a day.  Finally Enterprise photographer Dick O�Brien thought it was time to bring in a psychic.

In December of 1988, Alexandra Andrews did a walk-through.  The woman who had founded the non-profit Alexandra Institute in San Diego to study psychic phenomenoa, felt certain that staff members were absolutely right in their assumption.  �Something� paranormal was definitely going on at The Enterprise.

Then on the night of January 15, 1989, Andrews returned to the newspaper.  She wanted to be alone in the building.  I one room the psychic �saw� the same shimmering white lights that had previously been reported � but not to her � by employees.  In another office  she detected a presence and the faint scent of roses � hardly the cigar smoke one associates with a newspaper office.

There were fleeting images, Andrews says.  The building, she is certain, stood on ground used as a kind of �highway.�  Perhaps more significantly, lives had been lost in the area.  Andrews was aware of the presence of four entities in The Enterprise � a man, woman and two children.

A check with the Fallbrook Historical Society revealed that the land where the newspaper now stands was once owned by a Duthie family who owned a service station and lived in a home behind it.  Mr. Duthie died more than fifty years ago in the house.  Also dead are his wife and two children.  In 1950 the house burned to the ground and was never rebuilt.

The energy that Andrews detected wasn�t malicious.  �It was almost as if they were still here in order to bring some positive energy to the location,� she says.  The psychic�s theory is an intriguing one.  She believes that the newspaper site was no accident. 

What better place than a new center to communicate the continuity of the human spirit?

I hope you enjoyed this true story.  I�ll be talking about �Ghosts, Spirits, Angels, etc.� at our Metaphysical Conference on November 1, 2009, at 3:30 p.m. at the Alexandra Institute, 3545 Midway Dr., San Diego, CA 92110.  If you can�t make the lecture and you have a story you would like to share, please send it to us. 

Happy Halloween! 

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